Submit a Proposal to Host an Eclipse Planning Workshop

See our Call for Proposals page for information about our eclipse planning workshops.

Proposal deadline: June 11, 2021 extended until July 2, 2021

Co-Proposers & Sponsors
If you have co-proposers, please list them here in the following format: Name 1, Affiliation1, Email Address 1; Name 2, Affiliation 2, Email Address 2; and so on.
Please list any sponsors, including the proposing organization(s), who have committed financial or in-kind support for the workshop, for example, to keep the registration fee low, to waive or cover the cost of venue rental, to pay for catering, etc.
Proposed Venue
Please indicate the airport(s) most convenient to the workshop venue and associated accommodations.
What is the maximum number of attendees that this venue can accommodate? Assume that for plenary presentations, everyone will be in one room.
How many breakout rooms are available for parallel smaller gatherings on specific topics?
Will you be able to live-stream the workshop's plenary sessions?
Will you be able to record all workshop sessions (plenaries and breakouts) for later viewing online?
Proposed Accommodation(s)
Please provide the name(s) and address(es) of the hotel(s) and/or motel(s) that you anticipate recommending to workshop attendees who travel from out of town.
What do you expect the hotel/motel rooms to cost per night? If rooms will be available at different rates, or if you can't pin down the rate to within a single range listed here, you may check more than one box.
Which of the following options are available for transportation between the workshop venue and attendees' lodgings?
If you selected "Other," please describe the other local transportation option(s).
Workshop Information
If you already know the exact dates of your proposed workshop or selected "Other," please indicate the dates here, including month, days, and year.
If you already know the exact other acceptable dates of your proposed workshop or selected "Other," please indicate the dates here, including month, days, and year.
How much do you anticipate charging per person, in U.S. dollars, to attend the workshop?
Which of the following items, if any, are covered by the workshop registration fee?
If you selected "Other," please explain what else is covered by the registration fee.
Use this space to to explain what makes your location and venue ideal for an eclipse planning workshop, why your team is particularly well suited to host such a workshop, and to offer any other justification for why we should favor your proposal.
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