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Sun Setting in Partial Eclipse

Use this form to submit your U.S. or Canadian eclipse-related event or activity to our online listing. (Before you do, though, please check our Events & Activities Map and our Tours & Travel Opportunities page to see if we've already listed it.) Items will be added at the discretion of the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force. If we have any questions about your submission, we'll contact you at the email address or telephone number you provide below; contact information will not be displayed publicly.

Please make sure it's clear from the title of your event whether you are inside the path of totality (and will therefore experience a total solar eclipse) or outside the path of totality (and will therefore experience only a partial solar eclipse).

Event organizers: We are interested only in events and activities related to the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse across America — and only if they're open to the public. This generally excludes scientific-society meetings, school visits, and other types of "private" events.

Tour operators: There are two ways to add your eclipse travel program to our listings. One is to submit a single listing that specifies the start and end dates of your tour and a single location (for example, the one from which you'll be observing the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017). The other way is to submit a separate listing for each stop along your tour, specifying the date(s) you'll be at each different location. The latter approach is more cumbersome, but your tour will be found by more searches.

Questions? Contact us.